Christmas Eve Cutty's

It turned out to be a descent day out at pyramid.  I landed 8 fish, lost 3 or 4 that were hooked, and missed another 4.  Nothing huge today but had a lot of fun.

The Usual Suspects

Sat down and tied for a couple hours.  Sometimes there's nothing like cranking your favorite tunes, drinking a few beers, and tying a few flies.  I got a paid holiday tomorrow so I'm headed out to Pyramid to see if I can track down a big fish or two.  Last year around about this time there were several fish in the 12 to 15 lb. range from shore.

Pyramid today.

Went out to pyramid day and got blown up and down the place.  Fished for about 6 hours and only landed the one.  I did hook into two others and fought them for a while but the hook pulled out of both of them.  They were both good fish in the 24/25 inch range.  It was pretty slow out there today, not sure if it was the sun but there weren't to many people hooking up

Fall Brown

Well it was another beautiful day on the Truckee.  The flows have dropped considerably and the fish are starting to get cold and spooky.  This big girl took a streamer and had another follower that was the same class of fish.  Be careful where you step and keep a watchful eye for reds.