Thursday Cutty

Made it out to Pyramid last thursday and was able to fish from 11-5.  The fishing has gotten a little better in the middle of the day out there with occasional cruisers coming through every 30 minutes or so.  I have yet to get any large fish yet this year in the 5 trips or so I've made, everything is in the 18-25 inch range.  Thats what draws me to pyramid, you never know when that next tug of the line is going to be the fish of a lifetime.  Above, a ladder fish from thursday, 6 total.

Pyramid 12-16-12

Rob Anderson's pyramid blog has had some reports of folks doing good in the PM out there as of late.  The weather has been cold, windy, and cloudy bringing more fish into shore over the last 5 days.  I fished from 1-5 today and had all kinds of action.  I was able to pick up fish on the indicator, buggers, and beetles.  7 fish were landed and 4 got off the hook with another 6 or so missed bites.  The pic above was a nice 6 pound female that took a beetle, the very next cast I landed another 6 pound female.  I was shocked to see not 1 but 2 large females, I cant remember ever catching a female that large.


Took a trip out to pyramid today, mostly because there was a thick bank of fog out the window when I woke up.  That wasn't the case about 5 miles outside the lake, by the time I dropped the ladder in the water there wasn't a cloud in sight.  There were some pics of a 20 pounder that was landed a couple weeks ago but there were no 20 pounders sighted today.  I fished a beach scatter with 8 or 9 guys and I didn't see a single fish landed among them.  I was able to get three to take today, one on a jig and two on the beetle.  All in all a pretty slow day.  Not sure whats going on out there but it's shaping up to be a repeat of last year.

Snow Day

  It was supposed to be cold and snowing all day.  So I put on seven layers and hit the Big T.  It snowed a little but it actually got pretty warm today, the fishing was hot.  I landed 8 fish today including this nice 20 inch brown that took 2 tries to hook.  What was more impressive was the number of fish I moved that missed the streamer.  There were around 15 others that made a pass at my fly but couldn't wrap their lips around it.  2 were bo's that were this same class fish and 1 was a brown that was around 25 inches, a little pee came out when I missed that one.  Supposed to be cold as hell tomorrow so I'm headed out to Pyramid for my first time this season.  There has been reports of cutty's up to 20 lbs being landed already this year....

Man v. Deer

I drew a party tag with my buddies Dinny Woo and Bluey the Great out in the Rubies earlier this year.  I put in for the time off and planned on staying out there for 8 days to knock down a pig.  Two weeks ago I lost my job due to my company shutting the lights off.  I was lucky enough to land a job with one of our competitors 3 days later.  I was however unlucky enough to land the new job during the time I was supposed to go hunting.  So after my buddies finally made their way to Reno we were off to Elko.  I was only able to hunt Saturday and Sunday morning and had to be back to work Monday morning.  We saw10 or 12 different bucks in those 2 days and on Sunday morning we saw a decent 3x3.  We decided to make a move on him by dropping into a canyon 1000 feet below us.  By the time we set up on a decent shooting post we had lost him.  After a half hour he popped out and milled around for another half hour without presenting a shot, only to drop behind a large bush.  We watched the bush for 15 minutes thinking that we had missed our opportunity.  Finally, and at the last minute, he walked out into the sunlight and presented himself broadside.  Bluey hit him with the range finder at 525 yards and I hopped on the 6.5x284 and put the lights out.  We boned him out and packed the meat down another 2000 feet and called it a good hunt.  It wasn't the biggest buck but it was my first one and I was pleased with it.  Thanks fellas for helping me make it a great trip in such a short amount of time.

Feather River Salmon

My buddy called last week and said the salmon fishing was going off on the Feather and the Sac. We decided to hit the Feather because we have a lot of good memories there.  We fished on saturday and had pretty decent luck.  We were able to get 3 in the boat and lost another 4, my buddy Danny killed it, both fish above were his. 

The "Provo Hooker"

   Sat down and tied up a new streamer pattern I found on  These guys catch some serious browns in Utah and Montana.  I imagine its good practice to try out new flies in the areas you frequent so trout don't become framiliar with your patterns, sometimes hard to believe when you look at how fast streamers move through the water though.  Over the last few years I have had success tying up local guide patterns and patterns a highway patrolman buddy of mine runs(6"+).  However, lately I have  had little success landing trophy browns in the 24"-30" range.  Mabey the "Provo Hooker" will do the "trick".... 


Had a good day exploring the river today. I traveled into waters I have been wanting to fish for several years but have been to lazy to venture to.  I moved several fish today and lost some dandys.  The water temps are getting back into the acceptable range and the fish are becoming more active. 


Already put my 40 in this week so I hit the river today to test out my new rod.  Got three in the net and missed another couple on the sink tip.  This is my favorite time of the year to be out on the Truck, the flows are excellent this year and it is shaping up to be an awesome fall.  Here's some yellow gold from today...


I got out on the river this morning before sun up again to try and get some redemption for the other day with Nick.  I tied up some streamers yesterday with crayfish colors in a pattern I borrowed from Andy Burke.  The first fish this morning was a nice brown that lept clean out of the water for my fly.  The second fish was an 18 inch rainbow that tried to wrap himself around my legs.  In an attempt to keep that from happening I tried to horse him away from me and my rod broke.  Luckily Cabelas will take back anything and I got a new rod out of the deal.  I take pretty good care of my rods but this break may well be the product of a bullet head streamer hitting the rod one to many times.  All in all a pretty good hour but the clouds rolled in and stayed until 10am, could have been a really good day.   Some pics from today.

7-31-12 (Early)

  My good buddy Nick charged up to Reno last night to get some much needed time on the water.  We were on the river at 0530 chucking streamer in the dark.  We had several fish chasing and landed one small brown.  Nick did snap some 8 lb. test on a fish he never saw and I had a toad roll my streamer and miss it.  Just about the time it started to warm up he switched over to the indicator and whacked this nice brown on the first cast.  Nice job old buddy, lets do it again soon.

Big Mo'

Had a chance to make it up to Montana and visit my family and do a little fishing.  We fished at my grandpa's cabin on the Missouri River and it was going off.  I haven't fished the mo' much in the last 10 years but it was like the good ol' days.  The dry fly bite was on all day long especially towards the evening, couldn't keep the flies floating there was so much action.  Nothing huge but chalked up some serious numbers and made some good memories fishing with my dad.  That's pops in the second pic putting the moves on a nice brown
Decided to take a trip into the back country this weekend for my birthday.  Took the 14 ft aluminum up and did some trolling with the wife at one of my favorite lakes.  It's one of my favorite because the road is bad therefore keeping the average weekend warrior away.  Right now is a great time to be in the sierras.  It's 95 degrees and miserable back in the shitty and its 72 degrees and windless in the high country.  Here's a couple pics from our outing.  I got 6 in the boat and my wife ended up with 11, out fished again....

4-7-12 Brown

Finally got some fish in the net today, its been a while.  The water is crystal clear right now due to the flows being down.  I landed 7 fish today including this nice brown and had another 5 or so bump and run.  Usually out at pyramid by now but its been so slow out there that fishing the river sounds pretty good.

Pyramid 2-18

Made it out to the lake today and landed 4 nice fish, this one went 8 pounds.  Started out around 9 and it was pretty slow until the wind kicked up.  It must have been blowing upwards of 30 mph and the waves were pushin 3 feet.  Something about shitty weather gets the fish in close to shore.  The fishing is still a bit slow out there but the spawn should start soon.


Great day to be on the Truck today, everybody was at home watching the superbowl.  I fished around in town and man was it nice out.  I was able to get this nice Bo' to take a size 18 tungston midge under the indicator.  He took me down stream and across the river before I was able to get him in the net.

Beautiful day on the Truckee

Well the Fly Syndicate and Gilligan inspired me to get out today and fish the Truckee.  The weather was perfect and the water was clear but the fishin was tough.  I got 2 Bo's in the net and 1 white fish in the rocks.  The pic above was a beautiful trout that took a small midge under the indicator.  This was one of the prettiest Bo's I've landed in a while, he had orange tips on top, white tips below and was purple in the middle.  Going out to pyramid tomorrow to give that another shot.  Saw a pic of a cutty that was landed from shore last week that went 19 lbs. Sheeeeeit