Had a good day exploring the river today. I traveled into waters I have been wanting to fish for several years but have been to lazy to venture to.  I moved several fish today and lost some dandys.  The water temps are getting back into the acceptable range and the fish are becoming more active. 


Already put my 40 in this week so I hit the river today to test out my new rod.  Got three in the net and missed another couple on the sink tip.  This is my favorite time of the year to be out on the Truck, the flows are excellent this year and it is shaping up to be an awesome fall.  Here's some yellow gold from today...


I got out on the river this morning before sun up again to try and get some redemption for the other day with Nick.  I tied up some streamers yesterday with crayfish colors in a pattern I borrowed from Andy Burke.  The first fish this morning was a nice brown that lept clean out of the water for my fly.  The second fish was an 18 inch rainbow that tried to wrap himself around my legs.  In an attempt to keep that from happening I tried to horse him away from me and my rod broke.  Luckily Cabelas will take back anything and I got a new rod out of the deal.  I take pretty good care of my rods but this break may well be the product of a bullet head streamer hitting the rod one to many times.  All in all a pretty good hour but the clouds rolled in and stayed until 10am, could have been a really good day.   Some pics from today.