7-31-12 (Early)

  My good buddy Nick charged up to Reno last night to get some much needed time on the water.  We were on the river at 0530 chucking streamer in the dark.  We had several fish chasing and landed one small brown.  Nick did snap some 8 lb. test on a fish he never saw and I had a toad roll my streamer and miss it.  Just about the time it started to warm up he switched over to the indicator and whacked this nice brown on the first cast.  Nice job old buddy, lets do it again soon.

Big Mo'

Had a chance to make it up to Montana and visit my family and do a little fishing.  We fished at my grandpa's cabin on the Missouri River and it was going off.  I haven't fished the mo' much in the last 10 years but it was like the good ol' days.  The dry fly bite was on all day long especially towards the evening, couldn't keep the flies floating there was so much action.  Nothing huge but chalked up some serious numbers and made some good memories fishing with my dad.  That's pops in the second pic putting the moves on a nice brown
Decided to take a trip into the back country this weekend for my birthday.  Took the 14 ft aluminum up and did some trolling with the wife at one of my favorite lakes.  It's one of my favorite because the road is bad therefore keeping the average weekend warrior away.  Right now is a great time to be in the sierras.  It's 95 degrees and miserable back in the shitty and its 72 degrees and windless in the high country.  Here's a couple pics from our outing.  I got 6 in the boat and my wife ended up with 11, out fished again....