Bro's from Cali

Had some freinds come up this weekend and we gave it hell.  We fished all over and had some luck here and there.  My buddy was able to pick up 4 on the san juan and I moved some big browns with the streamer but couldn't keep them on.  I just drove over the river today in town and it looks like we got out in time before the chocolate milk came.
Made it out to pyramid near the end of the weekend and had some mixed results.  Sat night the bite was on but the fish were all average.  Sunday was much of the same but with fewer fish.  Rojo grande... aka bluey the great used up all his luck at the casinos, and the loaded fly box he found.

Pyramid 4-3-11

Made it out to pyramid today.  Got out there around 12 with the intention of staying until dark but it was pretty slow later in the day.  I ended up landing 3 fish and missing 1 other.  This fish pulled the line out of my hand as the line was sinking, he ended up weighing 6 3/4 #s and fought pretty well.  Talking with a few other fisherman I guess on friday or saturday the wind blew pretty hard and murked up the water, it was still a little murky today.