Float Tubing Pyramid

Made the inagural trip out to Pyramid today and brought the chair and the float tube.  Left the chair in the truck after I saw 4 guys in the water all the way to Warrior point.  I have never given the float tube much of a chance out there.  Partly because I haven't had much success, and partly because I usually like to fish when the weather sucks.  I had a bast today out there kicking up and down the west side.  I got into a serious pod of summit strain today for about three hours, nothing with any size but it was nice to feel the line get tight.

Fall Is Upon Us

Well the good news is fall is here, the bad news is that the poor river has about as much water as the Little Truckee during reg flows.  Needless to say the fishing was very good today.  Some cool weather, rain, and some clouds turned the bite on.  I picked up an eleven foot 4wt. a while ago and broke it in today, it sure is a lot of rod but the fish put the bend to it nice.

I've only lived in Nevada since 2000 and I know the river has been worse but its pretty low right now.  Here's a pic from today, usually there's only a few rocks showing in this spot.

Spring Spawn

Made it out to Pyramid today and about 4 days ago.  Both days produced fish with today being the better of the two with 10 fish or so.  The fish are in on shore and so are the fisherman, I stopped by the nets today and dudes were fishing about 10 feet apart.  I didn't hook any big fish the last two trips out but I still had a blast.  The wife's scheduled to pop any day this month so my fishing trips out to Pyramid are going to be on hiatus here pretty soon.  A nice fighting buck from today.....

Some Winter

Had a chance to get out and fish today and had a blast.  I was planning on going out to Pyramid today but I haven't had much luck the last few trips out.  I hit the river today and found some very large trout.  I started out nymphing and after passing 6 different flies past one fish I switched over to the steamer.  I finally was able to put the "provo hooker" to good use and rip some lips.