March 2017

Spent a little time on shore, spent a little time in the boat.  I like the boat, its a good time to catch up with old friends and drink beer, but the shore has always been good to me.  Not a lot of fish to be had out there this weekend but all it really takes is one.

December fishing

I've fished Pyramid 3 times in the past 9 days and its been rough, or should I say it hasn't been rough enough.  I made the hour long journey down to Dago bay to see what affect the swollen river had on the lake.  After cresting to 5000 cfm in a matter of hours the Truckee river did not disappoint.  There was chocolate milk from dago to sand hole.  Finally found the bite after the sun went down.

Pyramid with the family

It was my sons first trip out to Pyramid since last October, he cant cast yet but he still has a blast whipping the water with his rod.  It was a fairly nice day today so momma decided to come along, I was hoping to get her on a fish but no such luck. 

The shopping cart hole pays off.....

This weekend was the annual Nick Kosinski birthday bash blow out at Pyramid, three straight days of drinking, fishing, and drinking.  In the 6 years we have been doing it we have never had weather cooperate like we did this weekend, we had wind and clouds constantly for three days. 
Nick with a white tipped bright red spawner

9 lber on the 5 wt.

grippin' and a grinnin'

11 lb. pilot peak strain that had a tag in its dorsal fin

The Kosinski brothers with one of about 15 doubles
It was a killer weekend with lots of fish, I'm already looking forward to next year.  Happy birthday Pollack....

Pyramid 12/21/15

Its challenging to not get jaded out at the lake, you have one big fish the trip before and you think the next time out it will be the same.  I saw a lot of really big fish landed today, I cant say that I was one of them but I did have a lot of action today.  The average fish is bigger this time of year and the next bite could be the fish of a life time.  One from me and a 13 pounder from the dude next to me that forgot his camera.

Pyramid 12/13

I saw every kind of weather imaginable today out at pyramid, and I'm pretty sure the clear coat is no longer on my truck.  There were several sustained gusts over 50mph with lots of snow.  Fishing was slow in the morning but picked up nicely just before the sun went down.  Above is the last fish of the day that went 10 pounds.

Float Tube Cutty

Finally had a banner day in the tube.  16 pounds of fun........

Pyramid with Levi


I had a chance to take the little guy out last Saturday to play in the sand and chase some fish.  He's a bit small to huck the lure but he took to the little spinning reel fast.  We caught  some nice fat cutthroat and he had a blast.  Pretty soon he'll be on the ladder out fishing old dad.

Easter Pyramid

The family and I did Easter yesterday so I got a free pass to fish on Sunday instead.  The wind was howling out of the west pretty consistently today with some gusts reaching as high as 50 mph.  The fishing was great as a result, that combined with the spawn in full swing.  I was able to get 17 fish to the net today with no monsters to speak of.
My good buddy nick with a 12 pounder from last weekend and a nice brown from the river.  It sounded like a great birthday weekend, wish I could have been there to see it go down. 

Fly By

Well, I start my new job tomorrow at Truckee Meadows Water Authority.  So in an attempt to squeeze out one more day of slackerhood I decided to go fishing.  It was between fishing the river, which was really close to being clear enough to fish, or head out to Pyramid and try yet again to catch a fish in the teeners.  Yet again it was slow, my buddy Jordan and I had maybe 7 fish between us all day.  Even with a stiff east breeze and some early cloud cover we couldn't track down a monster.  It was a good learning event, which is what Pyramid seems to be these days, coupled with frustration.  We also had the pleasure of having our ear drums blown out by two fighter jets that decided to do a fly by over the north and south nets.  Those bastards were about 100' or less over our heads flying ass to tail, pretty cool stuff.  The fish below is a testament to the unseasonably fall weather we have had this winter.  The summit strain has kicked into spawn mode and is showing their bright red colors already.

Spawning Cutthroat

Here is a video from 5 years ago of spawning Summit strain cutthroat.  These fish are amazing during the spawn, relentless.  I am interested to see what happens in the future with the Pilot Peak strain now that they are starting to see cutthroat spawn in the Truckee River.  It would be something to see 30 pound cutthroat cruising through the town of Truckee.

First 2015 Pyramid Trip

I made the first 2015 trek out to the big desert lake yesterday.  Much to my surprise when I arrived I saw cars on every beach, odd for this time of year considering the fishing has been spotty at best.  It turned out to be one of two large fishing tournaments they hold out there each year.  I have never had much interest in competing in one out there although about 4 years ago I caught a fish during a tournament that would have put me in 19th place.  I would have won some shotgun shells or something small like that.  The fishing turned out to be really good, mainly in part to the clouds, rain, and consistently howling face wind.  At the beach I was at I probably saw 100 fish landed with a 12 pounder being the biggest.  I landed 8 fish all day and lost or missed another 5 or so.  The guy that caught the 12pounder only caught 1 fish in the 4 hours that he was perched next to me, go figure.

2015 starts off in a 'SNAP'

I made my first trek out to the river on Saturday with Don Zimmerman of to find out if the trout made it through 2014.  Turns out they did and they were particularly fat, much to our surprise.  The water temps came up a little due to the nice days we have been having, moving the fish out of the frog water and into some current.  About an hour into the day I was fighting a 16" rainbow and whilst attempting to get him in the net the top 3 feet of my 11' rod snapped off.  The same thing happened two years ago fighting a similar size fish.  I wish I could say they snapped fighting some hogs but I can't.  That's what I get for buying cheap crap at Cabela's, oh well.  Don thought for sure I was ready to call it a day, but with as little as I have been fishing lately I thought what the hell.  We kicked down river and fished for another hour, during which time I was able to land 2 more bo's.  I landed the one below with 6' of what used to be an 11' rod.  Nothing big today, but sure had a blast getting out and fishing with a buddy.

Float Tubing Pyramid

Made the inagural trip out to Pyramid today and brought the chair and the float tube.  Left the chair in the truck after I saw 4 guys in the water all the way to Warrior point.  I have never given the float tube much of a chance out there.  Partly because I haven't had much success, and partly because I usually like to fish when the weather sucks.  I had a bast today out there kicking up and down the west side.  I got into a serious pod of summit strain today for about three hours, nothing with any size but it was nice to feel the line get tight.

Fall Is Upon Us

Well the good news is fall is here, the bad news is that the poor river has about as much water as the Little Truckee during reg flows.  Needless to say the fishing was very good today.  Some cool weather, rain, and some clouds turned the bite on.  I picked up an eleven foot 4wt. a while ago and broke it in today, it sure is a lot of rod but the fish put the bend to it nice.

I've only lived in Nevada since 2000 and I know the river has been worse but its pretty low right now.  Here's a pic from today, usually there's only a few rocks showing in this spot.