Fly By

Well, I start my new job tomorrow at Truckee Meadows Water Authority.  So in an attempt to squeeze out one more day of slackerhood I decided to go fishing.  It was between fishing the river, which was really close to being clear enough to fish, or head out to Pyramid and try yet again to catch a fish in the teeners.  Yet again it was slow, my buddy Jordan and I had maybe 7 fish between us all day.  Even with a stiff east breeze and some early cloud cover we couldn't track down a monster.  It was a good learning event, which is what Pyramid seems to be these days, coupled with frustration.  We also had the pleasure of having our ear drums blown out by two fighter jets that decided to do a fly by over the north and south nets.  Those bastards were about 100' or less over our heads flying ass to tail, pretty cool stuff.  The fish below is a testament to the unseasonably fall weather we have had this winter.  The summit strain has kicked into spawn mode and is showing their bright red colors already.

Spawning Cutthroat

Here is a video from 5 years ago of spawning Summit strain cutthroat.  These fish are amazing during the spawn, relentless.  I am interested to see what happens in the future with the Pilot Peak strain now that they are starting to see cutthroat spawn in the Truckee River.  It would be something to see 30 pound cutthroat cruising through the town of Truckee.

First 2015 Pyramid Trip

I made the first 2015 trek out to the big desert lake yesterday.  Much to my surprise when I arrived I saw cars on every beach, odd for this time of year considering the fishing has been spotty at best.  It turned out to be one of two large fishing tournaments they hold out there each year.  I have never had much interest in competing in one out there although about 4 years ago I caught a fish during a tournament that would have put me in 19th place.  I would have won some shotgun shells or something small like that.  The fishing turned out to be really good, mainly in part to the clouds, rain, and consistently howling face wind.  At the beach I was at I probably saw 100 fish landed with a 12 pounder being the biggest.  I landed 8 fish all day and lost or missed another 5 or so.  The guy that caught the 12pounder only caught 1 fish in the 4 hours that he was perched next to me, go figure.

2015 starts off in a 'SNAP'

I made my first trek out to the river on Saturday with Don Zimmerman of to find out if the trout made it through 2014.  Turns out they did and they were particularly fat, much to our surprise.  The water temps came up a little due to the nice days we have been having, moving the fish out of the frog water and into some current.  About an hour into the day I was fighting a 16" rainbow and whilst attempting to get him in the net the top 3 feet of my 11' rod snapped off.  The same thing happened two years ago fighting a similar size fish.  I wish I could say they snapped fighting some hogs but I can't.  That's what I get for buying cheap crap at Cabela's, oh well.  Don thought for sure I was ready to call it a day, but with as little as I have been fishing lately I thought what the hell.  We kicked down river and fished for another hour, during which time I was able to land 2 more bo's.  I landed the one below with 6' of what used to be an 11' rod.  Nothing big today, but sure had a blast getting out and fishing with a buddy.

Float Tubing Pyramid

Made the inagural trip out to Pyramid today and brought the chair and the float tube.  Left the chair in the truck after I saw 4 guys in the water all the way to Warrior point.  I have never given the float tube much of a chance out there.  Partly because I haven't had much success, and partly because I usually like to fish when the weather sucks.  I had a bast today out there kicking up and down the west side.  I got into a serious pod of summit strain today for about three hours, nothing with any size but it was nice to feel the line get tight.

Fall Is Upon Us

Well the good news is fall is here, the bad news is that the poor river has about as much water as the Little Truckee during reg flows.  Needless to say the fishing was very good today.  Some cool weather, rain, and some clouds turned the bite on.  I picked up an eleven foot 4wt. a while ago and broke it in today, it sure is a lot of rod but the fish put the bend to it nice.

I've only lived in Nevada since 2000 and I know the river has been worse but its pretty low right now.  Here's a pic from today, usually there's only a few rocks showing in this spot.

Spring Spawn

Made it out to Pyramid today and about 4 days ago.  Both days produced fish with today being the better of the two with 10 fish or so.  The fish are in on shore and so are the fisherman, I stopped by the nets today and dudes were fishing about 10 feet apart.  I didn't hook any big fish the last two trips out but I still had a blast.  The wife's scheduled to pop any day this month so my fishing trips out to Pyramid are going to be on hiatus here pretty soon.  A nice fighting buck from today.....

Some Winter

Had a chance to get out and fish today and had a blast.  I was planning on going out to Pyramid today but I haven't had much luck the last few trips out.  I hit the river today and found some very large trout.  I started out nymphing and after passing 6 different flies past one fish I switched over to the steamer.  I finally was able to put the "provo hooker" to good use and rip some lips. 

Last Trout of 2013

Had a chance to get out the day after Christmas and fish the big river with the Z man.  Its been cold at nights but reaching the 50's during the day has actually made the fish a bit feisty.  We were going to give Pyramid a try but I fished it on Christmas eve and got skunked so I figured I'd rather make some drifts on the river.  2013 was a great year for me, I had a chance to fish some great water and I learned some new tactics.  I hope 2014 is just as good to me.  Photo courtesy of the Z man.

Inagural Pyramid Trip

I finally made my first trip out to Pyramid for the 2013 season after hearing stories of large numbers of 16-20 pound cutthroat trout being caught from shore.  Since October 1st I have been working out of town 4 days a week, replaced a leaking water main, thrown a raging haloween party, and taken care of a sick pregnant wife.Normally I would have about 5 trips to the lake under my belt but I just haven't found time to get out.  So, you can imagine I was giddy like a school girl this morning when I dropped my chair in the water and heaved out some big nasty flies.  It was about 28 degrees with a little bit of chop and some thick cloud cover so I knew it had the potential to be productive.  I started out in my go-to spot I default to when I haven't been out in a while only to find that after 2 hours the fish weren't there.  I bumped into the old timer that made my chair and he said he hadn't seen a fish all day and that he thought that the fish might be in deeper water looking for the thermocline.  So, I headed south to try some of the beaches with big drop offs and deep water.  After resetting at an undisclosed beach I cast the sink tip out and let it sink until the line was submerged up to the rod tip.  I picked up the rod, stripped it twice, and that unmistakable line stop instantly forced me to set the hook like Bill Dance.  You know, the one where you set the hook so hard you almost fall of your ladder.  I knew in an instant it was a large animal by the head shake.  Out at Pyramid a when a smaller fish is on, the head shakes are rapid and managable, if it's a big fish the head shakes are slow and almost uncontrolable.  The head shake on today's first fish was the latter.  He fought for about 5 minutes and found his way into the net.  If you have seen my Pyramid posts in the past, you might notice that my pictures are self shots taken by a camera mounted on my chair.  There is a timer on my camera that forces me, and the fish, to stand still for 10 seconds while the picture to snaps.  After weighing the fish and setting the timer on my camera I attempted to hoist the fish up out of the water and assume the position.  The fish had other ideas and presumed to death roll until he was back in the lake and off into the abyss.  I know not getting a picture of a fish shouldn't take away from the experience of catching it but this one stung a bit.  The first fish of the season was a 12 pound Pilot Peak male that wont be seen on this blog.  But then again, with all of the 18-20 pounders landed out there already, maybe I'll get a shot at his bigger brother.

It feels odd not posting a picture with the long story above so here's a shot of one in the 10-11 pound range I stuck 3 years ago.

November Brown

Had a chance to get out a fish a while today.  The flows are way down, pretty close to winter flows in town here.  Today might have been one of the last days on the river this year for me, unless I get out and drift.  Its time to dust off the Pyramid gear and chase down a toad. 

Back at it

Working out of town has seriously cut into my fishing.  I used to be able to sneak off after work or sneak out before.  I did get out for a bit today and had a great time.  I wasn't expecting too much because the water temps are down and the local reports are slow.  I didn't see a lot of brown activity like there has been in the past months but the bo's have quite the voracious appetite right now.

Getting cold

It was 30 degrees when I rolled out of bed this morning before the sun came up.  I fished the last 2 nights in a row and the water temps have dropped quite a bit.  The fish aren't in the same places they have been for the last 2 months but when you hook one there's a good chance it might show you your backing.  One from last night.

Cold and Rainy

Had a little to much to drink last night and almost didn't fish today.  It was cloudy, cold, and raining all day which is a big change from how things have been.  The cold weather got the fish moving and they are definitely bulking up for winter.  I was finally able to get this brown in the net after snapping off and pulling the hook out of three others that were all bigger than this one.

Fat Lip/Brown

Snuck out this morning before the sun came up and stuck some nice fish.  I hooked the fish below and had to go in after him because he ran down stream and slipped under a cut bank.  I filled up the waders twice and busted my lip on the net, now I know how a fish feels.