December fishing

I've fished Pyramid 3 times in the past 9 days and its been rough, or should I say it hasn't been rough enough.  I made the hour long journey down to Dago bay to see what affect the swollen river had on the lake.  After cresting to 5000 cfm in a matter of hours the Truckee river did not disappoint.  There was chocolate milk from dago to sand hole.  Finally found the bite after the sun went down.

Pyramid with the family

It was my sons first trip out to Pyramid since last October, he cant cast yet but he still has a blast whipping the water with his rod.  It was a fairly nice day today so momma decided to come along, I was hoping to get her on a fish but no such luck. 

The shopping cart hole pays off.....

This weekend was the annual Nick Kosinski birthday bash blow out at Pyramid, three straight days of drinking, fishing, and drinking.  In the 6 years we have been doing it we have never had weather cooperate like we did this weekend, we had wind and clouds constantly for three days. 
Nick with a white tipped bright red spawner

9 lber on the 5 wt.

grippin' and a grinnin'

11 lb. pilot peak strain that had a tag in its dorsal fin

The Kosinski brothers with one of about 15 doubles
It was a killer weekend with lots of fish, I'm already looking forward to next year.  Happy birthday Pollack....