Feather River Salmon

My buddy called last week and said the salmon fishing was going off on the Feather and the Sac. We decided to hit the Feather because we have a lot of good memories there.  We fished on saturday and had pretty decent luck.  We were able to get 3 in the boat and lost another 4, my buddy Danny killed it, both fish above were his. 

The "Provo Hooker"

   Sat down and tied up a new streamer pattern I found on finpusher.com.  These guys catch some serious browns in Utah and Montana.  I imagine its good practice to try out new flies in the areas you frequent so trout don't become framiliar with your patterns, sometimes hard to believe when you look at how fast streamers move through the water though.  Over the last few years I have had success tying up local guide patterns and patterns a highway patrolman buddy of mine runs(6"+).  However, lately I have  had little success landing trophy browns in the 24"-30" range.  Mabey the "Provo Hooker" will do the "trick"....