Pyramid 12/17/11

Took my first trip of the year out to Pyramid yesterday to try and get some cutthroat.  The weather has been less than ideal on all fronts for both fishing and skiing, unless you fish the desert side of the truckee.  I knew it was going to be tough yesterday when I got to the lake and nobody was fishing.  I fished for about 6 hours and landed 2 nice 20" cutty's.  They fought like hell, I just wish there would have been more of them.  I'm headed back out there next monday so check back for more pics then.... 


For the last 10 days I have been in Meeker Colorado elk hunting with a buddy of mine.  The elk hunting was slow but the other two guys I was with bagged 2 nice muley bucks, so it wasn't all bad.  I myself was able to fish a bit out the back door of the cabin we were staying at.  We were 15 feet from the White river where the temps were getting down in the single digits over night.  I would love to catch this river during the season when the fish aren't so cold.  I talked to a local kid that whacked a 12 pound rainbow on the white with a huge rapala, so there are some hogs in there.  Here's a few pics of some fish I whacked, enjoy....

A fall day on the Truckee

It's been a while since the last post, been fishing quite a bit lately just nothing worth posting.  Today was a great fall day on the river.  I ripped streamers for the first 2 hours of the day and had 4 or 5 fish chase it but no takes.  I switched over to the indicator and on the 3rd cast I stuck this nice brown.  The fish fought for about 5 minutes and even leaped once.  As far as I can remember this is the first brown over 20 inches I have stuck on the Truckee river on an indicator, hooked on streamers I guess.

Truckee river 7-30-11

Had a chance to get out early this morning and pull some streamers on the Nevada side of the Big Truckee.  The flows are still a bit high in some peoples eyes but I like a little more water when I'm pulling streamers.  I typically fish steamer tip by RIO but I made it all the way down to the river and realized that I left my vest at home that had my reel in it.  I did however have my dry line with my box of streamers.  The river looked really nice today, I was actually able to wade almost everywhere I attempted to.  I landed this nice brown about 10 minutes before the sun hit the water.  The fish are strong right now and the water temp is perfect so get out there and fish (nick).

Missouri river

My wife and I went up to Montana to visit my relatives and see Yellowstone. We spent one day at my grandpa's cabin which is just below where the Dearborn river dumps into the Missouri.  We both landed 5 fish and missed another 10 or so including this nice brown that my wife caught.  Below is a pic of a nice bow that she was able to hold long enough to snap a pic, she tried to hold the brown above but he flopped out of her hands and found his way back to the river.

Big Truck

Well the water is finally starting to clear up a bit and the fish are looking for food.  I made it out to the Big Truckee today and fished for about 5 hours and what a day.  The second fish of the day took the fly under the indicator and took me out into the fast water.  I decided to go in after him, Brad Pitt style... bad idea.  I proceeded to bounce 50 yards down stream filling up the waders twice.  By the time I found dry land I had the line all wrapped around my net on my back and I had to land the fish by hand.  Ended up stipping down to my underoos for a half hour to dry up a bit, oh and I lost my 120 dollar smiths.
Here's the one that drug me in.

Here's a beautiful 20 inch buck that took one under the indicator.  All in all a great day with 10 fish in the net.

Spring in the high Sierra

Well I was finally able to get out and chase some trout after buying a new house.  Being a home owner sure cuts into a guys fishing time.  I ended up with 3 trout in the net at one of my all time favorite places.  I got all three to take flies under the indicator and couldn't turn a head on the streamer.

Bro's from Cali

Had some freinds come up this weekend and we gave it hell.  We fished all over and had some luck here and there.  My buddy was able to pick up 4 on the san juan and I moved some big browns with the streamer but couldn't keep them on.  I just drove over the river today in town and it looks like we got out in time before the chocolate milk came.
Made it out to pyramid near the end of the weekend and had some mixed results.  Sat night the bite was on but the fish were all average.  Sunday was much of the same but with fewer fish.  Rojo grande... aka bluey the great used up all his luck at the casinos, and the loaded fly box he found.

Pyramid 4-3-11

Made it out to pyramid today.  Got out there around 12 with the intention of staying until dark but it was pretty slow later in the day.  I ended up landing 3 fish and missing 1 other.  This fish pulled the line out of my hand as the line was sinking, he ended up weighing 6 3/4 #s and fought pretty well.  Talking with a few other fisherman I guess on friday or saturday the wind blew pretty hard and murked up the water, it was still a little murky today.

Smith River

Well the Smith was tough this year.  The Smith is a river that needs lots of rain, and much of January there was very little.  We fished two boats two days and saw very little action.  I hooked one first thing sat. morning and snapped off, I hooked one on sunday and fought him for a bit and the hook pulled out.  The Smith has just recently gone back to barbless hooks so we lost more than we landed.  My buddy Pete hooked one in the 10 pound range and the hook pulled out right in front of us.  Had a great time smashin' up there in the RV and drinking beer all weekend.  Better luck next time Pollack.....
Getting ready tho head up to the Smith River on the coast of the Northern CA to fish with Kevin Brock for steelhead.  I fished him 2 years ago and caught this 20.5 pounder and another around 12 pounds.  If you get a chance check out his web site  He's been slayin fish since the 1st of January and it looks to be nice weather for us when we're there. 

Banner Day

I had a chance to get out to pyramid on new years eve and the last day of 2010 was pretty good to me.  When I started fishing around 8 am it was 11 degrees out and never really got above 25 the rest of the day.  The day started out pretty slow and then around the 2 o'clock hour the bite turned on.  I ended up with 9 fish on the day.  I missed 3 other bites and lost 2 that were hooked.  It was one hell of a cold day but man was it a blast.  So cold in fact that my reel was freezing up solid, I had to land quite a few by stripping.