Big Truck

Well the water is finally starting to clear up a bit and the fish are looking for food.  I made it out to the Big Truckee today and fished for about 5 hours and what a day.  The second fish of the day took the fly under the indicator and took me out into the fast water.  I decided to go in after him, Brad Pitt style... bad idea.  I proceeded to bounce 50 yards down stream filling up the waders twice.  By the time I found dry land I had the line all wrapped around my net on my back and I had to land the fish by hand.  Ended up stipping down to my underoos for a half hour to dry up a bit, oh and I lost my 120 dollar smiths.
Here's the one that drug me in.

Here's a beautiful 20 inch buck that took one under the indicator.  All in all a great day with 10 fish in the net.

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