Pyramid 12/21/15

Its challenging to not get jaded out at the lake, you have one big fish the trip before and you think the next time out it will be the same.  I saw a lot of really big fish landed today, I cant say that I was one of them but I did have a lot of action today.  The average fish is bigger this time of year and the next bite could be the fish of a life time.  One from me and a 13 pounder from the dude next to me that forgot his camera.

Pyramid 12/13

I saw every kind of weather imaginable today out at pyramid, and I'm pretty sure the clear coat is no longer on my truck.  There were several sustained gusts over 50mph with lots of snow.  Fishing was slow in the morning but picked up nicely just before the sun went down.  Above is the last fish of the day that went 10 pounds.