Truckee river 7-30-11

Had a chance to get out early this morning and pull some streamers on the Nevada side of the Big Truckee.  The flows are still a bit high in some peoples eyes but I like a little more water when I'm pulling streamers.  I typically fish steamer tip by RIO but I made it all the way down to the river and realized that I left my vest at home that had my reel in it.  I did however have my dry line with my box of streamers.  The river looked really nice today, I was actually able to wade almost everywhere I attempted to.  I landed this nice brown about 10 minutes before the sun hit the water.  The fish are strong right now and the water temp is perfect so get out there and fish (nick).

Missouri river

My wife and I went up to Montana to visit my relatives and see Yellowstone. We spent one day at my grandpa's cabin which is just below where the Dearborn river dumps into the Missouri.  We both landed 5 fish and missed another 10 or so including this nice brown that my wife caught.  Below is a pic of a nice bow that she was able to hold long enough to snap a pic, she tried to hold the brown above but he flopped out of her hands and found his way back to the river.