Opening day

The rest of the waterways in the Sierras opened today and they were calling when I woke up.  I had a choice today, climb back up on my roof and keep laying comp or go catch some trout.  I'm glad I didn't go up on the roof.

Little Truckee

Decided to head over to the Little Truckee on Saturday for some combat fishing.  That poor river never gets a break and should go back to being closed until the season opener.  Any how, I wanted to try go after any browns that might be in sucking up rainbow eggs.  I have had pretty good luck this time of year getting some nice browns to move but I didn't see any yesterday.  I was lucky enough to get 2 nice bows amongst the 15 other guys I ran across.

The Triple Articulator

In the never ending attempt to catch a loch leven 28" or beter on the river I tied up an Au Sable river inspired triple articulating fly.  I recently watched a short film at the Fly Fishing Film Tour where they were pitching quadruple articulated flies at Browns over 30".  I wasn't quite motivated to tie four articulations in a fly that might be around 6" long and possibly not work so I'll try 3 to start with, although Iwasko would say "tie that bastard as long as you can".  Headed out tomorrow to see if this big S.O.B. can move a toad.  Here's the link to the teaser for the Au Sable. The last couple pics are Iwasko getting it done across the U.S. Slab of the month worthy for sure at 

Redemption Apr. 15th

My buddy Nick came up today to get a little redemption for the trip we had 3 weeks ago when there was a full moon.  The weather forecast was calling for wind, clouds, and some light snow showers and we had all of it.  The morning bite didn't produce like I thought it would so we switched beaches around 10am, and it paid off.  We each landed around 7 fish today before we split at 2 after the bite turned off.  Pretty good day in the end but I really thought we were going to do better.  Just when you start to think you have the weather patterns figured out relative to the bite, Pyramid puts you back in your place.

Lights Out

Headed out to Pyramid today after I woke up this morning and it was raining in town.  The plan was to go fish the Truckee today, but I didn't want to get down to the water and find it murked up from the rain.  I made it out to the lake today around 6:30 and there wasn't a cloud in the sky.  That usually isn't a good sign but with the wind kicking up some decent waves I knew the lake would produce.  From 6:30-8:30 there was more action than I have had in my last 3 trips out combined.  I wouldn't really say the spawn is in full swing, I just think you have to catch the right conditions.  I got all my fish stripping today, however there were quite a few guys sticking fish on the indicator.  The fish were 1 to 2 today, for every 1 fish I landed I missed or pulled out of 2, it could have easily been a 30 fish day.  I fished next to an old timer today named Brian who fishes out there 4 days a week.  I told him I liked his chair and he gave me the number to the guy who makes them.  I guess its time to channel my inner old man and buy one.

F3T and some trout

I called up a local fisherman buddy of mine and asked him if he was going to the fly fishing film festival yesterday.  What could be better than watching fish porn at night?  Fishing earlier that morning of course.  After meeting his buddy from Orvis for some fresh flies we hit the big truck for some perfect weather.  I started the day pitching streamers but had very little luck moving fish in the low water temps.  After watching Z land one and miss another 3 or 4 I put the dry line on and sunk some baetis.  Maybe 10 fish between us all day and another 15 lost but man was it hot.  The fly fishing film tour was a good time, lots of great footage from all over the world, especially the wild steel head video to end the night