Redemption Apr. 15th

My buddy Nick came up today to get a little redemption for the trip we had 3 weeks ago when there was a full moon.  The weather forecast was calling for wind, clouds, and some light snow showers and we had all of it.  The morning bite didn't produce like I thought it would so we switched beaches around 10am, and it paid off.  We each landed around 7 fish today before we split at 2 after the bite turned off.  Pretty good day in the end but I really thought we were going to do better.  Just when you start to think you have the weather patterns figured out relative to the bite, Pyramid puts you back in your place.


  1. Nice Cutties, I'm heading out in the next week or so, I suspect fish are getting into full spawn mode about now, I'd like one of those Pilot Peak pigs to pay me a visit.

  2. They aren't in full spawn yet, the water is a little to cold. The pelicans are cruising the shore lines but the fish aren't behind the ladders yet. Good luck, stick a pig...