The Triple Articulator

In the never ending attempt to catch a loch leven 28" or beter on the river I tied up an Au Sable river inspired triple articulating fly.  I recently watched a short film at the Fly Fishing Film Tour where they were pitching quadruple articulated flies at Browns over 30".  I wasn't quite motivated to tie four articulations in a fly that might be around 6" long and possibly not work so I'll try 3 to start with, although Iwasko would say "tie that bastard as long as you can".  Headed out tomorrow to see if this big S.O.B. can move a toad.  Here's the link to the teaser for the Au Sable. The last couple pics are Iwasko getting it done across the U.S. Slab of the month worthy for sure at 

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  1. That thing looks mean, I've been using a a double articulator and it got the job done last fall.