Man v. Deer

I drew a party tag with my buddies Dinny Woo and Bluey the Great out in the Rubies earlier this year.  I put in for the time off and planned on staying out there for 8 days to knock down a pig.  Two weeks ago I lost my job due to my company shutting the lights off.  I was lucky enough to land a job with one of our competitors 3 days later.  I was however unlucky enough to land the new job during the time I was supposed to go hunting.  So after my buddies finally made their way to Reno we were off to Elko.  I was only able to hunt Saturday and Sunday morning and had to be back to work Monday morning.  We saw10 or 12 different bucks in those 2 days and on Sunday morning we saw a decent 3x3.  We decided to make a move on him by dropping into a canyon 1000 feet below us.  By the time we set up on a decent shooting post we had lost him.  After a half hour he popped out and milled around for another half hour without presenting a shot, only to drop behind a large bush.  We watched the bush for 15 minutes thinking that we had missed our opportunity.  Finally, and at the last minute, he walked out into the sunlight and presented himself broadside.  Bluey hit him with the range finder at 525 yards and I hopped on the 6.5x284 and put the lights out.  We boned him out and packed the meat down another 2000 feet and called it a good hunt.  It wasn't the biggest buck but it was my first one and I was pleased with it.  Thanks fellas for helping me make it a great trip in such a short amount of time.

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  1. Nice buck, tall rack and what a hell of a shot, must have had to put it above its back. Best.