Snow Day

  It was supposed to be cold and snowing all day.  So I put on seven layers and hit the Big T.  It snowed a little but it actually got pretty warm today, the fishing was hot.  I landed 8 fish today including this nice 20 inch brown that took 2 tries to hook.  What was more impressive was the number of fish I moved that missed the streamer.  There were around 15 others that made a pass at my fly but couldn't wrap their lips around it.  2 were bo's that were this same class fish and 1 was a brown that was around 25 inches, a little pee came out when I missed that one.  Supposed to be cold as hell tomorrow so I'm headed out to Pyramid for my first time this season.  There has been reports of cutty's up to 20 lbs being landed already this year....

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