San Diego Surf Fishing

I spent the last 7 days down in San Diego and had a chance to do a little surf fishing.  It took a couple of days to get the technique figured out, and after visiting the local tackle shop, I finally found the fish.  The locals down there like to use sand crabs that you can dig up right on the beach.  After 3 days of throwing out sand crabs we only managed to catch surf perch.  If and when I dunk bait I like to use the stuff that stinks to call the fish in.  We picked up some frozen squid and some crazy lug worm creatures that smelled like bigfoot's nuts.  The technique was to have a size 3 pyramid weight down at the bottom with two hooks above that all tied to a swivel.  I liked to run the lug worm on top and the squid on the bottom.  On the 4th day the conditions were perfect and we managed to find a little ocean sea life diversity.  Two times that day I had double hook ups.  The first was a yellow fin corbina and a surf perch and the second was two sting rays.  The two sting rays were different species and I didn't see the stinger on the big one so I wasn't careful with the smaller and he stabbed me in the hand.
The sting ray that stuck me.
This is what some other fisherman was calling a guitar fish, it looked like a cross between a shark and a ray. 
This was the fish that the guys from shore were after, it's the yellow fin corbina. 
These were the cool leopard sharks that I was after, they were all about this size like they had just hatched not long ago.  I saw a guy land one of these 8 years back that was almost 6 feet long. 
These are the little surf perch  we caught by the dozens. 
Here's my wife with a nice little shark.

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