Cold Day at Pyramid

  Took another trip out to pyramid today and it was frigid.  It was so cold when I got there this morning I had to pitch jigs for the first 3 hours to keep my hands from getting wet from the sink tip.  Never really got above 25 degrees out there.  The fishing was a bit slow possibly due to the ridge of high pressure hanging over Nevada, that or the cloudless sky.  I managed to land 5 fish today the biggest of which was 25".  Fishing hasn't been the best that I remember for this time of year but the fish are feisty and have been taking out line.  Last week I had one fish jump clean out three times, I don't think I have seen that before.
  I went to cabelas yesterday and picked up the new Konic 7-8wt reel from Lamson.  I have an old Reddington 8wt reel I have been using out there for the last 2 years but the drag is failing and it was a tank.  I was impressed with the older version Lamson I have in the 5wt variety with streamer tip loaded on it.  The new ones are lighter and range between $139-$159 depending on the wt you choose. 

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