3 foot waves

Got out to the lake around 11am today and the wind was howlin'.  The waves were so big I had a hard time making it out to the ledge, I even got knocked off the ladder a few times.  Today was the best day fishing I can remember out at Pyramid in 2 years.  I landed 12 fish and missed another 6 or so.  One fish grabbed the fly and ran out into the middle of the lake into my backing and threw the fly, I would have liked to have seen that one.  I was out there last sunday and it looked like the spawn was in full swing, there must have been 40 guys in the water at the net.  I think we saw 3 or 4 fish landed that day.  The water was glass and there wasn't a cloud in the sky, just the opposite of today.

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  1. Amazing!!! Well ya know the ole saying...... day late dollar short! Going to add a weather report to reno so i can experience that!